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Wine Barrel Stave Cross Mini

Small Cross made from retired California wine barrels staves.
Size is approx. 12 tall x 10" wide but varies slightly from one to another.
Finishes vary but are basically a Med. Walnut wash to let the rustic nature of the wood show through.
Picture is not necessarily the exact piece you will get as each one is different.
These curved Barrel Slats (STAVES) are the narrow strips of wood placed edge to edge to form the sides of a barrel. After the "Head" (top) and bottom are cut off, these fall away and are perfect for designing with.
These can be set on a table, shelf, or hung on a wall if you add a small wall hanger.
Since all barrels are unique in size, character and color, there are slight differences in size, wood grain, and curve. These variations make each piece a one of a kind addition to your home decor.